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Repeat the winning formula


Get the tools you need to successfully run your franchise, with an online accounting system that makes it easy to report, share and compare your numbers.

Franchising is about replicating and selling a proven business model. Many franchisors provide great brand guidelines and a consistent product offering, yet when it comes to accounting, each franchisee is off on their own.

Xero allows you to add those important back office processes to your franchise offering and gives you total visibility of what is happening in your franchise network.


Franchisors love Xero because…

Xero can be used anywhere at anytime – Franchisors can easily review their franchisees numbers in real-time without waiting for them to be sent through.

Xero connects to banks – Xero imports all live transaction data from their banks so franchisors always have an up-to-date and accurate picture of their finances.

Xero has reporting templates – Franchisors love that they are comparing apples with apples with across their entire franchise network, helping them identify real business problems, not ones caused by inconsistent reporting.

Xero connects with KPI and benchmarking apps – Franchisors love the deeper insight they get into their franchise network’s financials by using add-ons like Spotlight Multi or Fathom Reporting.


Franchisees love Xero because…

Xero is simple – Franchisees love that Xero is so easy to understand and easy to-use with no software to install or maintain. One less thing to worry about when managing a franchise.

Xero connects everyone – Franchisees and their franchisors can easily collaborate and the franchisor can provide immediate advice and coaching based on real-time data.

Xero helps with benchmarking – Consistency in reporting means franchisees can benchmark their business against others in the network with confidence.

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From the customer:

“Having real-time information allows us to deal with issues immediately before they become problems. It allows us to have our finger on on the pulse.” See more of Tony’s story here.

Tony Melhem, Coco Cubano



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Suzy Payne Rabb
Xero Certified Advisor
New Day Consulting Group
xero certified advisor