Repeat the Winning Formula

With Xero, you get access to up-to-date financial data that’s easy to report, share & compare. Get a complete view of the finances across your franchise network, every time you login.


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Make finances part of the package

Franchising is about replicating and selling a proven business model. Many franchisors provide great brand guidelines and a consistent product offering, yet when it comes to accounting, each franchisee is off on their own.

Xero allows you to add those important back office processes to your franchise offering and gives you total visibility of what is happening in your franchise network.

Check out an example of a type of management report you can easily get with Xero. You can get the entire report group in one PDF, with page numbers, with just a few keystrokes. Beautiful! (full PDF).

Mgt Report Title PageMgt Report TOC


Compare Apples to Apples

Compare apples with apples

Use consistent reporting templates across your entire franchise network to compare results easily and accurately. This lets you identify real business problems within your network and excludes any red herrings caused by inconsistent data.

Xero also connects with KPI and benchmarking apps, such as Fathom Reporting & Spotlight Multi to give deeper insight on the financial results of your franchise.



Keep control of the purse strings

Maintaining a healthy cashflow is the key to growing your franchise network. With Xero you get a complete view of your real time finances every time you login. All your account info, money coming in and money going out is displayed visually on your dashboard.

Xero connects to your bank accounts and imports all your live transaction data, so all the financial data you see is always accurate and up-to-date.

It’s tough to manage the cash when the books aren’t up to date. Xero makes keeping the books up-to-date easy, so an up-to-the-moment Cash Summary can be viewed at any time.


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Getting started is a cinch

A huge amount of time and effort goes into implementing a new system across an entire franchise network. Xero is online so there is no installation required – all you need to do is login, setup and you’re ready to get reconciling.

If you need a hand, we have free online training sessions and customer support experts on standby.


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